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Premature Clutch Wear Due to Auto/Normal "squish"

Funny I was just wondering about this today and saw this thread.

There is NO DOUBT that a slower, smoother shift on any dry clutch (or automatic for that matter if you have the ability to program the ECU) is bad for the clutch. The slower shift will allow heat build up (because the shift process that produces the heat is prolonged) among other things.

The CC system in auto mode (or even normal mode) is horrendously, slow. Smooth, but slow.

In normal highway driving, this probably matters very little as the added heat build up is dissipated between shifts. But in city driving, especially stop and go traffic, or on the track, the added heat buildup seems like it would be very significant.

If the GT has longer clutch life (does it? I do not know...) then it would seem to me that the CC system (and particularly the slow shift of Auto and Normal mode) must be at least partially at fault.

I think it would be interesting to have a poll of anyone who has had their cluth fail under 30K miles, do you normally drive in Normal, Auto or Sport mode or some combination? City or highway? For those whose clutch has survived for a longer time, same questions. Would be very interesting to know the results across all CC drivers over time.

Anyway, my first post. Love my 2002 CC that I just bought in November.
Fortunately, mine had a bad clutch to begin with so the dealer replaced it under warranty. I figure I have at least 20K miles to go now.

Jeff Norman (Chicago)
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