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rydin said:
Am shopping this beauty and find the styling and performance to be unique and the craftsmanship top notch. I understand and accept service will be expensive, but beyond general upkeep, what have you expereinced with mechanical or electrical demons if any? How many miles on the ticker?

Cheers all,
Hey Rydin,
Wow, big question. Welcome to the board. Most of the QP owners here are happy to help you and we have lots of combined experience. I have nearly 50K miles on my QP.

I think the general feeling is that our QPs have been more reliable than we expected when we bought them and on par or better than other Italian, German and British cars of similar class.

I sugggest you spend a couple hours searching this board; you will find a significant amount of discussion on this topic. Then let us know what your questions are specifically. Just searching on my posts will yield quite a bit of reliability related commentary.

Happy Trails,

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