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In NJ.. (Overall Maserati is very rare)

In NJ I have seen a total of 4 different coupes and 1 spider. One black 02 coupe was actually in my neighborhood.

Driving in PA, I saw one sharp silver GS in center city.

Saw two coupes in Manhattan.

Saw a few coupes and a GS in AC.

This is all over the past 3 years or so.

I have spoken to different people at different dealerships because I am always trying to find out Coupe numbers in the US. I usually get different answers.

I do not know how reliable these figures are but I have been told there were about 4,000 total coupes for 02 and 03 brought into the US. Another 2,500 - 3,000 or so in 04, and then 3,500 - 4,000 ish, per year in 05 and 06 including the GS.

I was told there are are more convertibles than coupes and Cali is one of the biggest markets. Also many more CCs, than Sticks.

I am actually looking to see if there are other 04 white coupe owners or just how many white coupes and white convertibles are out there?? I know someone in texas has an 05 white convertible. The GS never came in white. I have never seen a white coupe advertised for sale. The dealer told me there were less than 5 white coupes produced in 04 and that it was a special order color, but who really knows. Black and silver being the most produced colors? Again, would love to know true numbers.

Any other white coupe or convertible owners drop me a line. Thanks.

FYI, I have seen many more Ferraris and Lambos in Jersey than Maserati..

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