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Hi guys and gals.

Thought I would log on here and get a bit of advise from all you lovely people.

I currently drive an all Black Exige S2 and stay in Edinburgh. Exige is practically new and I LOVE it but always had a small part of me that wants to buy a 4200. I walked past a silver one today in town and it had a very nice styling kit on it... Side skirts were pumped out a bit and it looked to have a chin spoiler on the front - anyone know what this kit is? Only on specific models etc etc?

Finished it off nicely I think and really made me want one.

Sure there are lots of pages to look at on here about reliability/servicing costs, etc etc... Never paid more than £1k on parts/repairs/servicing for my Lotus (had 3 Elises' before as well) - so that is something im conscious of!

Hope to get plenty of advise and take it from there!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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