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I have just joined (still trying to work ou how the site is all linked togeather so may have repeated myself sorry ?)

I have just bought a 2003 Spyder Blue with Cream leather, I bought it right so I can afford to spend a few quid.. just as well as already had to:-

New tyres and refurbed wheels ( superb job) £48.00 a corner for the refurb could not belive it bargin, wheels done inside and out, front and back and completely re jigged, each wheel was given a serial number and the Diamond Cutting CNC setting recorded (for the future if needed) and finished to my spec. inc. free collection and delivery service.. each wheel only needed 20 grammes on balancing.

Had to fix an oil leak .68p for the plug £1200.00 to fit (ouch !!) many thanks to Maranello (Egham) did really good job changed a few belts, and gave the car a really thorough check over (with a good report) :).

Next need sort out the exhaust and drop the suspension Larini or Tubi Tubi or Larini that is the question.? (someone must have a difinative view)? going down to Scuderia Systems (UK) Ltd. in Egham on Monday to have a look at Springs and Tubies.

Then I will need to sort out the stereo and speakers any suggestions ? also need to connect an iPod or similar I think there is a and aux. port on the CD unit anyone go any ideas ?

Finally trying track down a workshop manual..

I know me-me-me, hopefully as I get to know the car I will be able to contribute in more positive way to other members

Thanks for taking the time to read this kind regards Keith...
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