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Hi - Coupe GT one month in

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Hi ,
Just surfing around the net and phew this forum is well hidden - but I found it !!!
Took delivery on August 1 this year of a slightly used GT (post 6k service from the main stealer) I have already done 2 k + miles - I am using it as a daily driver :cool: - I had one issue with gear selection - it was a cable adjustment apparently - dealer fixed it no sweat - its a '05 in rosso with black interior - I love the uniqueness of it - (traded in a E320 and a 993 to get the price sensible and my garage clear) Just a little worried about clutches seems to be a common thread - I will just go with the flow here - my clutch seems fine - I only go hooligan once a week or so !!! - only comment here is its a little more twitchy than the porker was but what a smile it leaves me with especially with the traction control turned off :D

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great choice! you absolutely will not regret it. do not sell it.....let me repeat not sell it.

I say that because I sold my '03 CC and almost immediately regreted it, now with my '06 GS I'm back in automotive heaven. I have read many other posts about people getting rid of their Maser only to deeply regret it. If it gives you a headache, it is a temporary thing, do not sell it, it will always reward you back down the road.
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