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Hello everybody!

My Name is Alexander, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Vienna.

I found this site looking for information on the headlight unit of the Khamsin (leaking, of course) and had to sign up immediately.

Just to make you feel more comfortable: No - I dont have a vintage Maserati at the age of 22, but my uncle does.

He has a '69 Ghibli SS with about 43.000km on the clock (formerly owned by Adolfo Orsi) and a '72 Khamsin 4.9 with only about 25.000km.

The Ghibli SS is grey on the outside and has a red leather interior (Were the power adjustable seats stock?).

The Khamsin is black on the outside (originally dark blue - will be again soon) with a beige leather interior.

Both have the Campagnolo Wheels.

I'll be posting pictures soon, the Khamsin maybe even today, because I'm taking it for a little spin later on.

I've always been into Maserati as my uncle has been driving them basically forever. (I think he had a 228, 420, QP3, QP4, QP Royale and I'm sure I forgot one or two of them - but this was a long time ago).

So .. now I'm off to harvest all the information you've got in your forum! :D

Greets, Al
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