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Mmm...I suppose it must have happened like that , then...!?!
Ive lost count of the number of times I have read from other owners and forum members that it was to satisfy the North American market..And Maserati have precedent for this. Maserati would be foolish to ignore the USA market share, and they know it.
Im not a fan of this guys work..I dont like the McLarens very much. His early work comprises the derivation of classic car designs ( Fiat 500 and the Mini to name two designs he penned (read "copied"), to great acclaim and considerable success) Further, he was responsible for the facelift tweeks to the 4200's. Whilst the 4200 Coupes just about survived his "fiddling", the surfboards he added to the GS are a hideous eyesore. To blame his bosses pretty much sums this guy up IMO.
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