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Help required with the Cambiocorsa gearbox for the GS!!!

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Picked up the Gransport on Saturday and am very happy with the car other than one major point, the Cambiocorsa gearbox.

Now I have driven many manuals over the years, have a tiptronic Cayenne V8 S and have a Peugeot rally car with sequential box, so I hope I know what i'm doing but.....

... I came to a stop yesterday @ traffic lights in a Q of about 10 cars so I thought i'd put the car into neutral, so flap both paddles back, indicator states N. OK so far. When it came to engaging 1st gear, flapped the up paddle, nothing, did it with both my foot on and then off the brake. Nothing. Flapped the paddle quickly to engage, nothing, held the paddle for 1 second, then 5 seconds, nothing. Tried it with the little reverse-1st lever, still nothing. Had to turn off the engine and restart 3-4 times before I could engage 1st. Then it was Ok when moving.

The same happend to my wife last night also.

So we think we're just novices with this box.

So this morning, at a major junction near Canary Wharf, i'm @ traffic lights, so i think it must be OK to leave the car in 1st as I did not want the same problem as last night. After about a minute I think, there's a beep and then it goes into Neutral itself. Same problem happens. I am sitting there like a prat for 10 minutes trying everything, turning the engine on and off. Finally get it going but there was nothing specific I did to getting it into gear. Could not even engage reverse.

You can hear a click from the gearbox in the back when it engages and I could not hear anything.

I really do not want to take the car back after 3 days so I thought I'd post here to see if there were any pears of wisdom.

Any feedback is most greatly appreciated.

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