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Could really use the Chicago community's help here!

Does anyone have any independent shops to recommend for Maserati service in Chicago for an '09 QP? I usually go to Maserati dealership shop downtown (the Perillo shop near Chicago Ave and Larrabee) and they've always done a good job, but as I need several things done, I'm looking to save a bit of money here vs. the dealer if I can. I'll need a full brake job with rotors, work on the suspension, and then also basic service like oil/transmission/etc for my '09 QP. I live in the city.

So a couple of questions:

1.) Are there any trusted independent shops in Chicago that could handle the above, and for less than a dealer? If so, what's a % estimate on how much less it might be? Any insight on completion time vs dealer?

2.) Are there other dealers in Chicago that are less expensive than Perillo and do great work? I've always gone to Perillo and had a good experience, I just don't know if I am overpaying or missing out on somewhere else that's better and more reasonable. I don't have any comparison

I'd really appreciate your help, if you're willing to take a couple of minutes to respond to the above. Thanks so much! :)
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