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Hello I need you help¡¡¡ Maserati Superleggera 3700

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I live in Mexico City, and a Friend of mine has an uncle that is selling me his Maserati Superleggera Turin 1954, 3700 Coupe, I Know about cars but I am a complete stranger on Maserati and more off course vintage ones, I am posting some pictures of the car, I does needs a lot of restoration, the engine for what they say a piston is broken but the car was running before they toke the engine away, everything is complete, even the interior is original, off course is not in good conditions.

So the questions are many and I will start to ask on how much a restored car like this can be sale??, to restored the car I may find parts like rubbers, electrical parts, wire harness, lights, stop lights, etc. I would like to make a 10 points restoration¡¡¡¡ how much a restoration could cost and who can help me on this journey, stores out there with parts?

The car chassis number and engine is 101142 the owner said that there where just 5 cars like this built?? is that true?

The car can be bought very cheap, He is an old person and he wants to throw away the car, what do you think???




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if the car is inexpensive, you can afford it and have a place for it, buy it.
1st the car is a 1957 at the earliest. It is a 3500 GT. In other words the engine is a 3500 cc inline 6, not a 3700cc. The Superleggera part is a construction design by Carrozzeria Touring of Milano.

10 point $$$$$

should not cost more than $150000.00 usd to make 10 point
Hi Ricardo

I'm in the UK and looking for a project just like this 3500. If you want to sell contact me off list to discuss. Thanks, Clive.

My e-mail address is [email protected]
Maserati 3500 I'm interested

Hi Please contact me about this car I'm interested in buying.

[email protected]
Hi all.

I want to sell this car... I am the really owner...

The firs owner is very important In Mexico is "Cantinflas" Mario Moreno, he make more than 70 movies in Mexico.

I don't know the real price of the car... I don't know if i sale the car in this condition or make run and after sailing... Today pictures....

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I saw several of Cantinflas' films when I was a kid. Please contact me at [email protected]

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