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I am a sold-out car guy! At a time when most sane people have retired and play golf, I do cars.

I have a 6-decade background in hot rodding, the specialty auto aftermarket and motorsports. The current iteration finds me having just been certified (or maybe recognized as certifiable) as an Accredited Member of the American Society of Appraisers. Our company - Southwest Valuations - focuses on establishing worth opinions for unique, exotic, special interest and racing motor vehicles.

Most exotic project to date is a flying car prototype, in tri-cycle configuration, which is Subaru-powered. Most expensive vehicle to date is a275 GTB/4 Ferrari the value of which just passed $1.2 Million.

Reason I joined is that - from time to time - we encounter a Maser and I've learned that marque-specific forums are the best information source.

Glad to be aboard and hope I can add something to the discourse.

Jon Lundberg
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