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I began my headliner replacement almost 3 months ago, planning to to it all by myself and learn along the way. Besides how hard could it be? (This is called foreshadowing). I removed all the interior panels, seats and trims, completely gutting the interior from the doors back. Me and my dad were able to pull the headliner out without removing the windshield but through the door, unfortunately I made a slide rip in the pleather on the dash, eventually thinking about replacing it with suede as well. All progress stopped while I was away at summer camp (Yes, I am still young enough for that), but after returning home i began to strip the glue from the A, B, and C. Just this process took me days, Eventually I began to use paint thinner and increased the RPMs of the Air Brush and began to say "Good enough, you won't even see it." The A pillars by far were the easiest, they did not prepare me for the horrors that lie ahead. The B pillar was more difficult because of the angle the piece recedes into the body. In the pictures you will be able to see my ability to work the material increase in quality. But all of the time I had spent learning to work with the material went straight to the dump when I began to work on the C pillars, The shear complicity and angles of this one piece drove me absolutely insane, sometimes to the point of walking away and cursing at it. I do not believe I have ever been so mad a just a piece of glorified plastic and foe suede ever before. It took me 3 tries just to get one piece to be without a signal piece. I cannot stress enough about how useful some q-tips, a hair dryer, and a steamer were in this process. After all my swearing at inanimate objects for days it was time to move onto the elephant in the room, the headliner. At the beginning I did not start gluing the fabric on until I had steamed all the fabric and used traction sand that was lying around and put them into bags to conform the fabric to the angles. I began to work from the front where the sun visors and cove light were because I watched a youtube video on someone starting from the more difficult side, as always you follow what the guy on youtube says. I was able to get all the intricate inlets to form perfectly almost, too perfectly. I began to delve into the largest part of the headliner but before than you must work the fabric into the area where the sensor lights are located. I worked the corners to the way I liked it. This is where the Sh*t hit the fan, i noticed it began to bunch in the center of the headliner, there was no going back, the way the foam was adhered to the fabric does not help you in anyway when you make an oopsie. It began to wrinkled and I became frustrated, nothing new to me now. But finally I finished and was ready to install it into the car. We began to put it back into the car, but it just wouldn't go back in. One of my dads friends was yelling "Take the door off, take the door off!" this did not help the situation. the next day I pulled the car out of the garage for more room. Having some of my friends help me install it into the car, holding it into place while I wrestle with just putting all the wires and screws back into their correct places. It was done the headliner was put into the car, yet I still have to refinish one of the C pillars and install the pillars. We can hopefully overlook that. Thank you for all of those who were able to get to the end of this post.


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I am in awe of people who have these kind of skills ; mechanical , or as is the case here body and interior trim restoration . Takes not just skill but the patience of a saint .
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