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Header & Exhaust group buy

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My car has been at Fabspeed ( being used as a template for a new exhaust system. They already manufactor a Tubi like system that replaces the rear mufflers and increases the growl. If you look at the entire system though, you'll see there's a center resonator, infront of that a set of secondary cars (not required in the US for emissions since they are AFTER the second set of O2 sensors), and a bend in the pipe that pretty much flattens it out completely.

The new system sounds amazing and looks great. The clearances are no issue and it looks like the flattened out pipe is just the factorys way of being extremely conservative clearance wise.

Fabspeed also has a complete system from a warranty car from headers back that they've been experimenting with.

Car goes to the dyno tomorrow and after any needed tweaks, will go into production.

Rear mufflers w/SS tips: $1495

Center Resonator bypass kit (set-up still with an "x-pipe" design): $1000

Secondary CAT bypass pipes, $1890

All pieces are polished SS and drop in fitments, none of the above void warranty

All three can be used individually to tune the sound to your liking or order all three togeter and get a $300 discount or free local installation in the Philadelphia area.

If there are 5 or more people interested, there are 2 options for new headers as well (count me as #1 in line). This might or might not affect the warranty depending on your dealer and the problem since you're replacing the CAT. Car is still emissions legal and guaranteed no check engine light issues

opt 1. Take existing system, replace 600 cell count CAT with 200 cell count CAT and clean up some of the welds and bends (there's a 90 deg. bend in there!). $2000

opt 2. Complete new header with F1 style collector and 200 cell count CAT. $4000.

I will post pictures in a few days but while they have the car, wanted to see how many might be interested in headers, so if you are (or any of the other pieces), please PM me and I'll start a list for the group buy. 5 or more people upfront they'll knock 15% off the headers. 10 or more people and they'll knock 20% off

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Video & Sound clips

Here's the link to the video's of different Fabspeed combinations installed on 2005 Coupe Cambriocorsa.

Full open system (cat bypass, center resonater delete, straight pipes out the back) is LOUD. Personally I love the sound and the "burble" you get on downshifts but most will probably want a rear muffler to keep it a little quieter for day to day/ around town driving.

Full Muffler system (cat bypass, center resonator delete, rear performance mufflers). Sounds a little louder under throttle than a Ferrari with Tubi's, def. sounds better than a friends GS with aftermarket Tubi system. Quiet enough under part throttle for around town driving removing some of the trademark V8 growl, but still screams like a sports car top end.

With the mid-cat bypass pipes there have been no check engine light issues (the 2nd cats are behind the O2 sensors), no loss of torque (seat of pants makes it feel like a little more above 4k) and then there's the overall weight savings to factor in too.

Working on Dyno charts. Car was so down on power on the dyno stock, I'm working with the dealer to try and troubleshoot it (321 max after 4 pulls) and A/F ratio's ranging from 14.1:1 - 11.0:1 between different runs. Hope to have it sorted out in a few days to show more accurate before/after charts
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i bet the number will be significant even with just the bypass installed. who in the right mind would design such a setup...perhaps, it was a quick and dirty detune :D

Preliminary pricing:
Rear mufflers w/SS tips: $1495
Center Resonator bypass X-Pipe: $1000
Secondary CAT bypass pipes: $1890

All pieces are polished SS and drop in fitments, none of the above void warranty

I'm trying to get a side pic of the cat pipes, it looks like someone rode over them with the car and completely flattened them out!
video of product

Here's quick video of the product and explanation of benefits. Car is going to the dyno next week (it's been a scheduling conflict for me), will post results when I'm back.

If anyone has another system in the Philadelphia area you want tested back to back with this, feel free to PM me and we can run them all
Dyno results (finally!)

After a ton of delays with the dyno, slipping clutch, small scratch that caused 3 months in the body shop...I got the car on the dyno to test new set-up.

2005 Coupe Cambriocorsa, 60k miles, newer clutch, 19" BBS wheels (they were on the first dyno run too) and complete exhaust system. Fabspeed cat bypass, center xpipe and rear sport mufflers.

Open offer to give test rides in Philadelphia area...
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Thanks for posting the dyno results!

Is the whole system still $4K? To be honest, I think $4K (+ install for those that leave it to the pros) is a steep price to pay for 17 horsepower.
Yes, for full system. I really don't think it's expensive at all, especiall when compared to other offerings in the marketplace.

Top HP isn't the real benefit here, it's the new torque curve. Although there's still that strange dip around 5700 RPM, the new torque curve comes on so much stronger. Eliminating the secondary cats and the flat pipe is where this is picked up.

If you are ever in the area it's an open offer for test rides, your seat of the pants dyno will be all the convincing you need that it's a worthwhile mod.
Wow! I didn't notice the torque curve until you mentioned it. Torque is greatly improved!
also notice how the stock system tapers down at top RPM and with the full aftermarket system is continues to rise until redline...the car now lights up the tires in 3rd gear easily and then just doesn't stop. I used to be able to shift by could feel the car loosing some power and then know to shift up to the next gear without paying attention to the redline. Now, you have to watch the redline because it just doesn't stop pulling...
Didn't have the time to leave the car for a few days at the dyno shop to test each individual part on it's own, but I would think the biggest gain is the secondary cat bypass, which also eliminates the stock flattened pipes under the steering rack.
new pic

Sorry, linked to the wrong chart, here's the one comparing the two runs

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