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Header & Exhaust group buy

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My car has been at Fabspeed ( being used as a template for a new exhaust system. They already manufactor a Tubi like system that replaces the rear mufflers and increases the growl. If you look at the entire system though, you'll see there's a center resonator, infront of that a set of secondary cars (not required in the US for emissions since they are AFTER the second set of O2 sensors), and a bend in the pipe that pretty much flattens it out completely.

The new system sounds amazing and looks great. The clearances are no issue and it looks like the flattened out pipe is just the factorys way of being extremely conservative clearance wise.

Fabspeed also has a complete system from a warranty car from headers back that they've been experimenting with.

Car goes to the dyno tomorrow and after any needed tweaks, will go into production.

Rear mufflers w/SS tips: $1495

Center Resonator bypass kit (set-up still with an "x-pipe" design): $1000

Secondary CAT bypass pipes, $1890

All pieces are polished SS and drop in fitments, none of the above void warranty

All three can be used individually to tune the sound to your liking or order all three togeter and get a $300 discount or free local installation in the Philadelphia area.

If there are 5 or more people interested, there are 2 options for new headers as well (count me as #1 in line). This might or might not affect the warranty depending on your dealer and the problem since you're replacing the CAT. Car is still emissions legal and guaranteed no check engine light issues

opt 1. Take existing system, replace 600 cell count CAT with 200 cell count CAT and clean up some of the welds and bends (there's a 90 deg. bend in there!). $2000

opt 2. Complete new header with F1 style collector and 200 cell count CAT. $4000.

I will post pictures in a few days but while they have the car, wanted to see how many might be interested in headers, so if you are (or any of the other pieces), please PM me and I'll start a list for the group buy. 5 or more people upfront they'll knock 15% off the headers. 10 or more people and they'll knock 20% off

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now, about my dyno results... R&D did the before, too lazy to go back I went to the "culver" one for the after. since the two tests were done on completely different machines, they were then inconclusive. went back to R&D after the Eurotek ECU mod and the number was about the same as the 5 bhp more or something. after the ECU disasters I never did any mods again. there is only so much they can do and they make you believe the mods can turn these babies into rockets (only if they are rocket scientists). turbo and super chargers are different story though, an entire diff. realm of mods. focus on suspension and weight than getting more torque or bhp. unless you mod the entire engine compartment there is very little gain you can get for 5-10K.

hopefully Eurodino can hook me up with his rocket scientist friends one of these days :D
We use Cryo's as fuel.:) I don't think anything with wheels will survive... Mach 15 :D :D
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