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Hello all,

I thought it is about time to introduce myself after reading page after page on this awesome and very helpful forum...

My name is Marc de Boer and I live on the East coast in Spain, I have recently bought a 2007 Quattroporte GT Exec. Automatica which was imported from USA when it was 2 years old.
So far i am very happy with the car, I am using it as a daily driver and I found a good specialist near me which checked out the car and gave it new oil, filters and brake fluid change. I have fitted 4 new tires for a fresh start and fitted a Larini X-pipe which makes the sound even more awesome then it already was. The sound is the best (loudest) between 2K and 3K revs and makes this car a real head turner.... lol

I have had some minor issues with which the forum was very helpful like the not synchronized analog clock, radio code etc.
The car was somewhat treated against the sticky button problem but still sticks a bit in some areas and the buttons in the center rear console have not been done, cannot even touch them without getting sticky fingers....

Every once in a while i get a little rattle when starting the engine, probably the dreaded variator problem. but it is very seldom so i will see how this will develop in future. Other than that this is a sound car and am very happy and makes you feel alive every time you take it out. (although i have to control a very aggressive driving style the car is persuading upon me :surprise:)

Greetings and Thanks all for making this a great forum!!
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