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It seems some things start to fall apart.

The light for passenger airbag comes on. And it doesnt matter if it is off or on.
Was at the dealer for a few minutes, and they reset the error message.
Came back when i arrived home. So...

Any suggestions on that?

Secondly i hear some squeaks for two weeks now, and the cars feel slower from standstill.
2 types of squeaks...
One is when i come at a near stop at a light or junction but i need to push in second gear a half or more gas. It says sqeeeeeekkk. Thats it.
Second i heard when i was on the autobahn, and between 100-160 (kmh) i hear a supercharger sound coming from somewhere ( i don't have one :D ) , but only when i press the pedal. When i'm off the gas, it stops. What?

BTW, the car can really go up to 290 kmh! Tested on autobahn last friday.
Very steady even at that speed. I'm satisfied. Friend was filming in FullHD too :D

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So, the first is a clutch related issue, maybe i can get a replacement clutch with that too in warranty. :D ( if i can convince them of a structural error )

I still have original clutch with 43 tkm
Driving in the city of München, Nürnberg, Regensburg, which are not soo bad.
AND driving most of the time inside Budapest which is like hell...
2m residents, 2,5m cars, narrow roads...imagine ;)
and have maybe 15 tkm of autobahn.

Second can be an issue with all the stuff connected to it.

I'm in Budapest now, and my workshop is in Regensburg. Approx. 700 kms
How much distance do you think i can drive safely in this state?
Can it go "on foot"?

I don't want to risk a bigger problem.

But thanks for the quick info!!! :D
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