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Hello Guys!!

I´m a new member... From Brazil....


Just like you guys, I love maserati. I´m about to buy one.. and just now I realised that maybe a used ferrari could another option.

I´ve already driven both. Great cars. Ferrai is more exotic and Maserati is faaaaaar more confortable. (that´s not something new...)

But I would like to ask some help.... Here is the deal:

They are not going to be daily-driver cars.
For the price of a Brand new GS I can take a 2001/2002 maybe a 03 Modena with less than 10K miles.....

could you guys help me with pro and cons???

Thanks a lot..


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My partner and I bought company cars...i got a 2006 GS and he got a 2002 360 with 900 miles on it. He paid about 30k more than me due to the low mileage.

I love my car, and he loves his car. My car is a daily driver and his is not. For a daily driver the decision is easy...GS all the way. Otherwise the Ferrari is probably a more exotic exciting choice (i hate to admit this-but it's true).

I still like having an exotic as a daily driver and the GS is the best of breed.

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Ferrari Service is a lot more expensive than the Maser. It basically comes down to the Ferrari's have aggressive Timing Belt and other service requirements.

I really think the GS and 360 are different types of cars. The GS will be a better daily driver and more practical. The 360 will be a much bigger attention getter and more of an "exotic"

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