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there is a recent ongoing thread about extended warranty programs for our Maserati's. I have not verified this, but a poster/member confirmed with his dealer that Maserati USA does not intend to offer a program.

A couple of us have found a firm which is offering a fairly comprehensive plan which covers pretty much everything except wear/tear/roof/body panels parts.

the company is called Exotic Warranty,

If you check prior threads, I have posted a copy of what is excluded, meaning if it isn't excluded, it is reportedly covered to remedy the mechanical or electrical operating of the vehicle.

You are able to use the shop of your choice, including the dealer, and repairs once approved are paid direct to the shop via their Credit Card.

I have gotten quotes of, which began AFTER the factory warranty expires:
(there is a $200 deductable)

3 yr/36,000 miles--$2425
4 yrs/48k---$3458
5yr/60k $4429

2 yr/24k-$1911
1yr/12k $1092

I spoke to a Broker today who would based on the 3 year or more offer us as a group discount, $100 off the posted pricing if 10 or more were interested.

if less, $50, off

there could be discounts for terms less than 3 yrs on a group buy, but at a lower rate.

the only stipulation would be we all needed to purchase at the same time.
they do accept credit cards.

I had planned on getting the 3 year plan, so if we got some interest here I would be looking at either $2325 or $2375

what do you guys think?
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