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I've been lurking forever and I've finally took the plunge with an 02 manual coupe'.
Firsts impressions "Ha Ha Ha!"
What a magnificent engine.

What an agricultural gearbox.

What good brakes and handling - kept me out of a near crash when
a visually impaired truck driver (F***er) pulled out -from the hard shoulder- no signals -no mirrors.
All the safety kit kicked in and everything stayed sweet - except for my heart.

The standard setting on the suspension (Skyhook) makes
me terrified and sick on the motor-way (Brit), good over the pot holes in town though.
Sport is pretty good elsewhere

The interior is very nice.
Good seats, with a quality feel.

Image wise, I like it.
Not many people know what it is, though a guy shouted across the street to me,
"Hey your driving my dream car!"
and two school kids pulled cameras out of their bags to photograph it.

The handbrake made a popping sound when I pulled it on and no longer grips.
That was just after I had it adjusted. Is this a known problem?

Now for my main question:

I find the lowest intermittent wiper speed way too fast.
Can I slow it down?
Also got the bloody judders, but I've found some info on that.

I look forward to hanging around and working my way through the back catalogue.
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