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Hello to all we have been swamped with work haven’t kept up on here but this week we had quite a special request.

Wide World of Cars sends us a customer younger gentleman with this gorgeous Quattroporte.

He said like most he drives the car hard and fast but in NY that doesn’t mean much. We did a basic tune. I drove car it felt great, he said ok my turn. Race applications is one thing and if the customer request extreme that’s what we deliver so we attacked this as normal program.

Drizzle is falling, he turns traction all off and gets the car ummmmm up to approx 160MPH in and out of traffic on a public highway and simply says not enough I want MORE, MORE. I never in my mind would expect any driver of this car to push to the limits like this client and he did and it reacted superbly.

Well I said No problem, you are crazy customer with special request.

Today he is very happy he can go 188MPH with no interruptions, Redline is 8800RPM and the car is Pure Animal.

I never in my life would expect this car to handle and drive this way, it has impressed me so much I want one NOW.

It makes the Coupe and Spider feel dated and will run circles around the E39 M5. Maserati did their homework on this chassis boy. At last weeks 360 Challenge at Lime Rock there was a Gransport on the track and it struggled to keep up massive body roll etc, the driver looked shaky. I would not mind tracking one for myself to see for sure, driver input affect things a lot.

For anyone deliberating to buy one I strongly suggest it against any MB or BMW hands down.
For anyone on the “EXTREME” deep end interested in our programming please just let us know your requirements upfront so you can carry out your suicide mission FASTER.

Have fun everyone!

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Hello M! And to all I would like to make things clear as to our standing on this forum.

1. We are working on the banner ad for forum placement= paid sponsor
2. Andrew the founder of the forum encourages us to add technical input and feedback on this board. And we greatly appreciate that offer. We have not spotted any Maserati Techs of Maserati NA individuals on here so far.
3. We have a global network of dealers for sales work; we never had intentions of using this forum as a marketing tool.

I think for all of you in the Maserati Culture we should be proud and support the brand. Maserati North America has not carried out the greatest marketing plan for the Brand in the US.

Maserati is understated, It bothers me and I am not even an owner when the Ferrari guys say, its the "Poor Mans Ferrari", Its the wife’s car of a Ferrari owner" etc. I know the History of these cars and they spanked the competition since inception and can continue in racing if the funding and marketing was right.

So now when I meet a F430 owner I let them know the motor is solely based on the 4200 and they swear its not, why can’t they just give the company credit. Partnerships and repression to this degree just hinders the brands image, now the partnership has dissolved.

Not sure but this bothers me because these cars truly perform greater than most. With or without modifications.

I encourage enthusiasm and spirited driving, it makes me smile to hear that some of you guys really track the car, and drive them to the limits. That’s what these are intended for.

I am in this business by choice, I truly enjoy waking up to go to work and that’s because I am an enthusiast Hearing every clients comments, race stories and wild adventures, I figure it wouldn’t hurt to share one with you that I experienced firsthand. Support Maserati Please!

Have a Great Weekend

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