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While shuttling my 05 Spyder from Indiana to our second home in Florida, I again started having a problem with the gear indicator flashing and then the transmission not allowing me to manually downshift. I called Ferrari/Maserati of Atlanta on a Tuesday morning. I arrived at the dealership in the early afternoon and was met by the Service Advisor as I pulled up. The Service Manager and Maserati Service Director all became involved, as well as one of their Maserati technicians. Within an hour, they assessed the likely problem as the pump relay, changed it under warranty and I was back on the road. They were even about to pull a relay off one of their cars in inventory before the Parts Manager located one in the parts stock. Car ran perfectly the rest of the trip.

I did not buy the car there. I was simply a Maserati owner on the road with a problem. They went out of their way to assist me. I can not imagine a better service experience.

Pretty cool inventory of vehicles up in the showroom also.

Thanks to everyone in the service department at Ferrari/Maserati of Atlanta!:)
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