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GranTurismo = sexy

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Went to test drive the new GT. It was snowing so I did not get to drive it. I think the car looks best in lighter colors -silver. The rear and front of the car looks amazing. The interior is very roomy for me as I am 210 6'3.

I am not sure I am sold on the overall looks though when comparing it the the Aston Vantage. They were side by side and I think over the Aston looks better. I am looking forward to seeing a silver GT in person.
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The hood is about the size of a truck's hood... it doesnt seem sports car like... it seems more "sporty", you know what I mean?

And the thing has the badge we have on the backs of our cars (that says "Maserati" in script) in the engine compartment... What is up with that? I know it is tacky, but even aside from that, they couldnt spend 100 dollars in R&D to make a different one?
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