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So the other day I was pulled over by a motorcycle policeman in Chatswood (Sydney, Australia) and he told me that my exhaust was "obviously aftermarket" and that "I'd have to get it tested [for being too loud] because it made his ears bleed", and further "he's seen motorbikes with quieter exhausts fail".

Eventually he let me go off to "pursue my own investigations" after I protested strongly that:
1) It was the stock exhaust, and
2) If it was found to be too loud, surely that would mean the importer (Ferrari Maserati Australia) has breached the ADRs
3) How would I even rectify the situation? I'd have to take the factory exhaust off and find a quieter after-market one? That doesn't seem very easy to achieve

In line with his requests I have made some enquiries on-line but can find no indication that the car's sport mode cannot legally be used on the road due to the noise.

Is this just harassment? It is pretty loud, though I can't believe it doesn't meet the letter of the law given that it's factory-fresh.

Does anyone have any similar experiences / feedback / comments?


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First of all I don't have comprehensive insight to ADR homologation procedure but,
I do know that in many other countries the car has to have all derivatives of it's exhaust documented and inspected prior to series homologation being granted.

I'd like to see how this police man, or the ADR would handle a Stradale, since those are even louder than your GTS.
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