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I thought I would start a thread for those that have ordered or thinking about ordering the Granturismo S, because with any new car, there appears to be different information depending on who you talk to, what different dealers are saying, etc, until the factory gives more concrete info. So here's what I've heard:
1) there will only be 250 or 300 coming to the US and this is a 1-year production run.
2) my dealer said they will get 4-5 this calendar year, so my being #7 should result in a 1Q09 delivery.
3) XM satellite will be offered in MY09, but maybe not at first. ipod adapter and bluetooth will be available.
4) my dealer doesn't know anything about options or pricing (other than base price).
5) skyhook will be available, but hard to tell the pros/cons and if it would cost extra.

the other things that i am most eager to hear about from either owners or car reviewers is how the S compares to the base GT in speed and handling, opinions on Skyhook vs. fixed stiffer suspension that is standard on S, seat comfort, and reliability of the new engine (which I guess nobody will know until after these have been out for a little while).

What are others hearing?
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