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Options pricing has been released and Skyhook is an option.

The gearbox is perfect the way it is; even the 599 does not change gears all the time at 100ms... why would you want such a quick shift when you're just taking it easy?

In a manual car, the speed at which u change gear also depends on many conditions, do you change as fast as you can when you're in a carpark circling for a lot?

I was in the factory about 3 weeks ago and there were quite a few 'S's on the production line. Heard a couple as they were driven past and they sound fantastic!

Can't comment on the way they handle but if referenced from the QP GT-S (w/o Skyhook), then i'm a happy camper :)

I do find that standard GT seat-backs to be on the hard side and am hoping that the alcantara inserts will soften it up slightly. 4.7 engine has been in the 8C for awhile now and i guess its a case of no news is good news...

I'm eagerly awaiting my first drive, not for awhile though as its RHD in my corner of the world.. Bring one for a spin and i'm optimistic that it'll be a good drive.

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