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Well, we know that Maserti claims a 0-100kmh time of 4.9" for the GranTurismo S.

I find the standing sprint to be a rather juvenile obsession that the car mags have but as they say, it is one of the things buyers look at.

So, an Italian car mag called Auto drove recently the GT S and here are the details of the run:

- Standard tires (PZero)
- Weather Temperature 27°C, pressure 1011 mb
- Car had 11,250km on the clok
- Wind 8 m/s

And these are the times:
- 0-60kmh 2"15
- 0-80kmh 3"33
- 0-100kmh 4"53
- 0-1,000 m 23"19
- Max speed 297.9kmh

Not so slow, is it? :)

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Not too shabby at all & more than respectable.
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