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We took delivery of a new Granturismo in Switzerland a few weeks ago. Everything was fine until we left the car in Geneve airport for four days. When we returned the battery was flat so we contacted Maserati Assist. The service they gave us was really poor in the following respects:

1. The call centre seemed to be staffed by trainees and students who seemed incapable of getting details right like the location of the car, our telephone number, etc. There was no supervisor on duty.
2. It took 2 hours for the tow truck to arrive - it seems we had to wait until a football match had finished!
3. When the tow truck guy arrived it was obvious he hadn't seen a Granturismo before. He decided to check whether the battery was flat by putting a spanner across the contacts on the cigarette lighter which caused a big flash and blew the main fuse ;-) Clearly, he was not Maserati trained!
4. It then took three days for the car to be moved to our local Maserati garage (30 mins drive from the airport). OK it was over a weekend, but the car still didn't arrive until 6pm Monday.

Unfortunately our local Maserati garage couldn't find any problems (apart from the blown fuse). Therefore, we are left hoping this was a one-off.


1. Has anyone experienced similar problems with Maserati Assist? Particularly in Europe or Switzerland

2. Has anyone experienced a flat battery after leaving a Granturismo with the alarm on for four or five days? Is this a known problem?

Never had an issue with Maserati Assist here in the UK, but the management of calls is via a centralised EuropeAssist call center and, as such, it depends on who picks the call. I have always found them (on the 2 occasions I have used them) friendly and responsive.

The Maser dealer is located at Rue de Lausanne if I'm not wrong... found them less than helpful once, but hey, maybe it was just me ;)
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