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Did a stereo change on my GranSport. I thought someone might be interested in the outcome.

I used a Eclipse AVN7000 main unit and Focal speakers and amps. Actually used the Focal 5 1/4 inch sub-woofer in the rear panel but I had the stereo shop (Car Toys) build a special box to contain them properly.

The car sounds much better and now I have some of the feature that the old system failed to implement effectively (or at all).
1) Navigation
2) Blue Tooth
3) MP3 CDs
4) Much faster CD Changer in the back
5) Video DVD Player
6) Optional Rear View Camera (not installed)
7) iPod or iPhone attachment (not installed)

Some of the cons
1) Price: all said and done $6500
2) Color mismatch on the interior lighting (needs to be light green or orange)
3) Stereo is complicated to say the least

Overall, I am very glad I made the switch


I hope this helps anyone out there looking into this. I did run into a small problem with engine whissle but relocated the ground and fix the issue.

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Looks great!

Who made the carbon-fiber adapter?
I know a few guys who work with Carbon-Fiber pretty extensively. They have done a lot of work for me on my hot rods and are very aware of the cosmetic importance of these things.

Shawn Fischer at did that piece. He said he would keep the molds in case anyone else needed a similar piece.
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