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GranSport on F1 Monza circuit video now online

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Video zapped, what fun...
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I love it!! I will get one done at the Malaysian Sepang circuit and let u post it. I actually have one but its in a Ferrari. I will get a GS one done in July.

Thanks for posting.
That is a great vid, thanks!

I was looking for some pointers from the instructor, too bad about the Schwitzer deutsch, I am fluent in Hochdeutsch, but the Swiss dialect is beyond me.

"Ciao zsamme I komme fo Bern" or summat like that heh heh.
Gransport Sport Mode Can Ignite other Car's Alarm

Wäschpi is just grinning...4 months driven, 7500 km done...
And the best is: in the first several weeks, the exhaust got louder!

Best scene: I drive up close to a Volkswagen Golf in the underground parking as it is so narrow, in sport mode, not touching the Golf, and its car alarm goes off...ignited by my exhaust sound...I was thrilled!

Wäschpi the trance, the ferrari's and of course your GS... nice
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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