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Here is what I know:

Base price-$98,172
Gas Guzzler Tax-$3,700
Dealer Prep-$300

Paint color upon sample-$2,175
Fuji white paint (pearlescent)-$4,335
Colored caliper (red, aluminum, black or yellow)-$530
Heated front seats-$720
Carbon door sills-$830
Aluminum passenger foot rest-$620
GPS nav and phone-$3,985
200 watt stereo upgrade-$820
Parking sensors-$610
Xenon headlights-$1,205
Spare wheel and electric air compressor-$625
5 piece matching luggage set-$2,390
Fire extinguisher-$485
Skyhook suspension-$2,390
Ball-polished 19" rims-$1,135
Grigio Mercury 19" rims-$670
Rear trunk spoiler in carbon fiber-$880

There are other customizable options but pricing is not set.

I guess the big question to ask is how much of a discount can you get on a Gransport. There will and currently are cars available. Yes its only 150 to the North America and the dealer will pull the rarity card, but very few people are interested in this car so how much will the dealer budge. All I know is it hasn't received a bad review yet and its one of those secrets out there that I don't think ever will get the attention it deserves.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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