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New to site and this is my first question. Im going with an single din Alpine head, NAV unit and the Imprint auto tuning box but have a few questions regarding running wires from trunk to centre dash. Has anyone done this before and if so what was the best route and how did you remove the various panels without damage. I'd prefer not to be the first to perform the trial and error approach. I'm also interested in upgrading the loudspeakers and would appreciate others experience here and recommendations for full range drivers that fit and sound good. I assume they need be low profile. Has anyone found where the front speaker crossovers are located - any chance of feeding wires back to head to operate them fron Imprint in a bi-amped mode (provides more latitude in tuning of system. Also considering replacing the amp which I think is behind the battery in trunk so I should be able to reuse the line level signal cables for head to amp...assuming Becker audiotion system used low level signals and not head speaker outputs to feed amp....the Becker sucks.

Thanks to all

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