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battery gransport

Hi Pjs where are you based? I'd be well p£$$ed off if that happened to me.You can first check if your alternator is recharging your battery by turning your headlights on near a wall at dusk and rev the engine (brake on and in neutral) if your headlights brighten as you rev engine then IMO alternator ok.

You can see if an interior light remains on (door etc) when you switch off engine and close doors-that might be a source of leak.
You can then use an ammeter in series near the battery end with one terminal out and see how much current is being drawn.

If you are in Uk then dont bother getting a battery from dealer. Get a Halfords CALCIUM battery (£70) which has a 4 year no quibble relpacement guarantee.

The rest is what others have said above. Good Luck!!!
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