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Does anyone have an image of how the GPS antenna is mounted up on the dash, under the center vent? I'm just curious how Maserati placed it.

From the looks of the parts manuals, the 2002 and 2003 cars had them mounted under that center dash vent on some sort of metal plate, and starting in 2004, it appears to be mounted inside the instrument binnacle.

I just placed mine up there and now have between 7-8 satellites that it finds! Woo-Hoo!

Like a couple other folks on this board, my car came equipped with the Nav and all CD's but no antenna. I'm surprised the previous owner never took it back to get it fixed. But I figured that since the antenna was only $25.00, and I mounted it myself up there under that center vent using double backed tape, I'd save myself a trip to the dealer.

'02 GT Coupe


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