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Good Maserati Coupe Exposure...

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It seems like all the articles and advertisments I read and see are focused on the Quat.

It was so nice to see a Silver 05 Coupe in the Sopranos last night. They mentioned the car in the first show, and we got to see it in the second.

We just need a great car chase in it..... CM
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Yes, how worthy seeing a silver Coupe on tv. It reminds me of a silver 3200 GT used in The Underworld, a movie worth renting to see the Maserati as well as the lady who drives it.
In the last season they had a bigger scene with it. The guy who bought it (forget his name) was talking about it and gave Tony a ride.
I think that was Johnny Sack, the capo of the NY Family, who's now in jail. When it came on screen I remarked to the spousal unit "what's Christopher doing in Johnny's car?" and she remembered a scene last week where his wife and brother mentioned that Christopher was interested in buying the Maserati. I'm betting he paid less than market price 8^)>

Especially nice to see now that Gabrielle has abandoned us for Aston Martin.
The show "Entourage" on HBO also has a QP. One of the main characters "E" is the driver.
Entourage is a pretty cool series... I think it will promote the brand and appeal to a wider spectrum...
Vincent said:
Entourage is a pretty cool series... I think it will promote the brand and appeal to a wider spectrum...
I agree, but it would be nice to see a GS or Coupe in the show instead of a QP. But I think the reality is that Maserati wants to appeal to the high-end crowd that is less concerned about raw performance and that is why the QP is their best seller.
actually i have watched the whole of the first and second season (it's not showing in HK but i downloaded it - hush hush). i noticed one thing... entourage is basically a product placing TV series... B&O is in it (the Beosound + the speakers), Panasonic is in it (the 50 inches Viera plasma), Maserati (QP) etc...

and do you remember what were they driving in season one (the QP came in in episode 2 season 2)...? a hummer. and at one stage they HP a bently... the Cadalic SUV (dunno the name)... and the crappy honda prelude Eric drove... the mazda MX5 driven by emily... and the S class... and the list goes on and on and on...

so this TV series (which i quite like actually) is one long commercial... not to mention the clothing... jewellery shops... cafes etc.

but then i think maserati is smart to get in at season two when ppl start to get hook on this. a GS would have been nice, but like the name of the show, where will the "entourage" sits? remember vince doesnt drive...
i think this series is one of the first to really push the 'viral' marketing to a new level. ive spoken with people at studios, and a couple of marketing firms that have people that specialize in product placement, and a new trend of series\movies being funded (sponsored) by companies with their items featured prominently. some of these are essentially full productions based entirely around advertising. i don't know if these particular spots are paid or freebies with guaranteed airtime\mentions, but the sopranos also has a heavily mentioned cayenne now.

the guy that produced the fifth element, transporter and transporter 2 got a lot of his funding this way. the fifth element had mcdonalds, transporter 1 bmws, and 2 had the audis - w12 a8, a3, etc.

also, i believe there was a spyder seen on desperate housewives. i've never actually watched the show, but i know some ladies at work mentioned it.

- mark
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