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Golf Clubs in Trunk

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Do 2 large golf bags with driver and woods fit in the trunk?
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In which model? How large are the bags - PGA tour large?
In my spyder, I can fit two carry bags and clubs, barely. Sometimes have to take the long clubs out of the second bag and put in separately.
2 Bags in a SPYDER?

MikeA - How in the &^%$ do you get two bags in the spyder trunk?
These are carry bags, but with 14 clubs.
First bag goes in with driver end to the left. Take woods out of second bag if necessary and put the woods in. Then put the second bag in.
It works. No room for anything else, except maybe shoes.
i can fit all of my clubs except the driver
Learn to hit a 1 iron and you won't need that silly driver...
In the Coupe or Gransport, you can easily fit 2 carry-bags (the kind with flip-out legs .... you guys all walk to play 18 holes, right?) in the trunk.

One bags by itself fits easily without taking the metal-woods out ... you put the clubheads into the left-side cavity first, then swing the foot of the bag up and into the right side of the trunk.

For 2 bags, I take the metal woods out of both bags. Put the grip ends of those clubs into the bottom of the left side cavity first ...... spread them out on the bottom of the trunk so they take up less room, then put both bags in on top of them with the irons into the left side cavity and the feet of the two bags into the right side of the trunk.

Surpisingly, there is still room for 2 pairs of shoes and maybe a small gym bag. If you don't have the spare tire option, you can remove the cover to that cavity, leave it home, and then have room for a piece of soft luggage under the bags.

If you have the 9 inch or larger staff bag and it's filled with a box of cigars, 8 cans of beer, a flask, 3 dozen golf balls, a cell phone, a PDA, two umbrellas, bandaids, 2 sweaters from the last times you played golf and forgot to take them out when you got home, and a large Costco-sized bottle of'll need to take your Suburban to the golf course. Hopefully, you're not in the foursome in front of me.
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RickBullotta said:
Learn to hit a 1 iron and you won't need that silly driver...
You must be crazy! I can barely hit a 5-iron. the only reason I know about putting golf clubs in the trunk is that i just took them to the county dump. I am trying to give up golf....who needs that kind of frustration?
TampaLBOs said:
MikeA - How in the &^%$ do you get two bags in the spyder trunk?
I feel your pain .....

I have a GT Coupe and two sets of clubs don't fit in that trunk either.

So chose the C5 Corvette option..... when I want to golf with a partner.
(the Corvette trunk will fit two full sets of golf clubs - with the top up)
I recall that when the Pontiac Fiero was announced (let's not start a discussion on that thing), one of the key design critera was to fit two sets of golf clubs in the stowage area...

I've fit bicycle wheels, a cooler, and other things in the trunk of my Maser Coupe, barely. I imagine the Spyder is a bit tight!
Just got back from a three day trip with my bride to play golf at two different courses. We drove my 2003 Spyder CC and took two, "Sunday" golf bags, two pairs of golf shoes, a "doctor style" overnight bag and a hanging bag for nicer clothes. Everything fit great although we had very little extra room to spare. The key is that you need to remove the inside trunk liner on the left side of the trunk.(opposite side from the battery). I was asking a mechanic about creating more trunk space last year and he simply took the carpeted molding piece and multi-disc changer shelf out and the clubs fit great. Try taking a trip like that, with that much baggage, in something made in Stuttgart! This site has been very helpful to me so I hope this suggestion helps someone else.
Learn to play soccer and all you need is a ball and a pair of cleats. And can use your bicycle to carry the "gear" to the nearest park. I do.....
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