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Giugario badge lifting off?

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Hi all. I noticed that the Giugario emblem on the sides of the car are lifting off at the edges. Mostly stuck on, but edge is up. Anyone else deal with this? Its a new 2006 Coupe cc. Kind of bumbed that it would be cheap that way. -Bob.
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dont worry, get some double sided tape and then cut a small corner and stick it back in... but if u r really fussed, u can get it back to the dealer...

somehow, the italians are really cheap of glue... ferrari has the same problem with the pinnafarina badge... ;)
Had the same thing happen... I carefully applied a drop of crazy glue and solved the problem.
Its covered under warranty

THe dealer fixed mine, i just waitied until i needed service then they took care of it at that time. No sense in just taking it in just for that
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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