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A question for all you wiring experts out there :)

My Ghibli, needs a new engine wiring harness, as the old one is full of cracked connectors and aged wires, which keep causing intermittent faults.

These are now out of production, so i'm considering making one on my own.

I already have the a full harness out of a car, mounted on a board with all the connections marked.

I have some experience of doing wiring, but never undertaken anything so major.

I have been able to source most of the connectors from various online sources.

My question are the following:

1. Based on people's experiences, what are the things I need to be careful of?
2. Which are the reputable vendors to source all the connectors, wires and shielding?
3. How do I determine the gauge and type of wires I need?
4. Any other tips and tricks?
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