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2006 Gransport LE
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Well, as some know, I'm buying an '02 CC and hope to have everything done and pick her up by next weekend. I've got a small list of initial things I would like to do and was hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction.

1. What are the best websites for parts ? can't seem to find any other than Eurospares and FD.

2. Would like to purchase the quarter panel trident badges and I need to replace the "Cambio Corsa" badge on the glove box. Is the dealer the only option ?

3. Would like to add the aluminum pedals - Where to buy ?

4. From the service records the F1 relay has not been replaced. Should I or "if ain't broke" ?? If so, where to get it ? Dealer again ?

5. I'm no mechanic but am technically competent and would enjoy doing basic maintenance myself. What and where to go for the best tech guides/manuals and which OBDII to buy.

TIA - Looking forward to making this official
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