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Gear not engaging on Cambio, Anyone else seen ths?

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Yesterday, while shifting on my 2002 Coupe Cambio from 1st to 2nd, the car instead dropped into neutral! I had my left hand on a cup of coffee, so I know I did not accidentally hit both levers. Also, when I upshifted again, it went right to 3rd (from N!!!!!) so obviously the computer wrongly thought it was in gear in 2nd.

This has happened twice. First time, I thought maybe I accidentally hit both padels, but this time I know it was a glitch because of the busy left hand, and the shit from N->3rd.

Anyone else seen this? Clutch is brand new.
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First thing to always check is to make sure your hood is securely latched. Cambio's do some strange things if not
It's happened to me too

I have an '04 coupe. It happened a couple of times at first, but it hasn't happened in at least 3 months. Maybe the gremlins moved to your car for a bit :)
No expert on this, but it sounds like the first thing to do is make sure you have the latest software loaded, there may be a glitch in an earlier version which has been corrected. Even if there is no later version, it may still be worth having the software reloaded.
Scott has a point. It happened to me last week. My hood wasn't closed properly after the car wash and it got stuck in "N".
When this happened to me (4th to 5th) it was first diagnosed as a bad t/o bearing. When it continued to happen, they replaced the actuator. Thank g-d for warranty items!!!!

I have an '04 Spyder CC which was doing the same thing. It never happened when the car was in regular mode, but when I switched to sport mode, the clutch would, on occasion, slip into neutral instead of the next gear. It didn'thapppeen every day, but it was often enough that it was annoying.

I think the problem has to do with the CC clutch software. If you take it back to your dealer and explain what is happening, they should be able to adjust your software (update, I think) to correct the problem. I know that after I took mine to the dealer and they adjusted the software package, it has not happened again. As an added bonus, the new software lets out the clutch more aggressively on take-off, giving the car a much more sporty feel at launch.
Yeah, my '04 CC coupe goes into neutral every once in a while. Probably about once a week of daily driving. The dealer knows about it and did a software recal last service. The car has enough little gremlins that I just chalk it up to "Italian Engineering". The only problem is I'd hate to be passing a semi on a tight road and have it go into neutral mid-pass!

Re: Gear Not Engaging on Cambio

I had similar problems with my '02 Spyder CC right after I got it back in Oct 2002. My dealer had a service bulletin on the problem which called for checking, cleaning and reinstalling ground straps between the transmission case and the chassis (or the engine)...not sure which. The fix cured the problem and I've never since had a recurrence.

Good luck
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