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I've been researching and debating back & forth what to do with my garage floor. So rather than fret about it further, I thought I would open it up to you guys and hear your ideas. I sincerely appreciate your input.

First off, I currently have a painted concrete floor. Over the years, it has worn away in some spots and is not longer worthy of housing my beautiful Spyder. I've thought about doing an epoxy (like the Rust-oleum Epoxy Shield) but unclear how easy it is to give it a nice, even finish and uncertain how well it keeps up to normal wear & tear. Also, stripping the current surface in preparation for epoxy coating sounds quite difficult. Anyone here have experience with this or similar products?

Lately, I've been looking at tiles. I've found some self adhesive vinyl tiles and considering arranging in checkboard format. But I wonder how well the tiles will adhere to concrete surface over time with cars pulling in & out. I am worried that they will slip over time. Also, I'm concerned that the surface might be quite slippery when wet. Anyone here used such tiles?

And of course I am open to any other ideas folks may have.

Thanks again!

- Jim
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