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Hi All Maserati-Fans,

I think the QP and the new GT quite clearly shows that the Maserati brand will be used to sell what in effect is high-end "Alfa Romeos". Alfa has never managed to sell cars in 5, 6, 7-series segment and Maserati can definitely help out. The interior of GT looks pretty much like a 6-series :mad: so a big step has already been taken. This is all sad but not surprising as Maserati has lost money for years; a car can (unfortunately) not be produced for a few enthusiasts.

Having seen the new GT, I am very happy :) I ordered one of the last Gransports as the combination of "all leather" and "Ferrari character" will only (possibly) be beaten by a future switch to a smaller Ferrari. I doubt Maserati will ever come up with a natural replacement for Gransport (unless I age very quickly....)

Best regards to all
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