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I don't think you get the hard stuff (98 ron) stateside (?) so this may just be directed to the Europeans, but the manual for the GranSport says don't put less than 95 ron in, without saying whether 95 or 98 is recommended. Porkers (996, Cayenne Turbo) prefer 98 (e.g. Shell Optimax), but the Maserati dealer says they run their cars on 95 (not least for cost reasons, presumably).

Anyone compared the two? Shell market Optimax as being better, even for occasional use, on any performance car, but if 95 is good enough then that would save a fair bit of dosh, I guess.

I used to run the 996 on 98 except when I couldn't get it, but certainly felt that a tankful of 95 didn't go so far and didn't give so much go.

BTW 300 miles on the clock so only another 300 before the running in recommended by the manual is done. :)
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Actually, I've seen octane as high as 98 in New Jersy (I'm in VA). You'd think higher octane would be better but from what I've read, that is not always the case unless the ECU is modified to take advantage of it. In fact, the older the car (before computers took control) the more likely it will be that higher octane fuel will have an impact. In mordern cars, sure, there will be a noticable difference between 87 and 98, but if you really want to see the difference between 93 and 98, you'd need to modify your ECU in order to really tell the difference. Anyone have real world experience with this?
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