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Fuel Smell

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Loving my GS! But there's something bugging me.

I sometimes get a very strong smell of fuel in the cabin and boot (trunk). This seems to happen mostly when I have a full tank. The smell can be quite strong even when I haven't driven the car for a few days.

The fuel cap is tight and theres no visible signs of a leak. Someone mentioned that it could be the charcoal filter needing replacement - but I figure that might me responsible for fumes when the car is running, not when the car is off.

Any thoughts?
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I've found the problem. Looks like the breather hose that allows fuel vapour to vent has become detached from the fuel union. This means that the vapour is venting into the boot/trunk cavity instead of to the outside.

It appears that the fuel union is broken at the point it attaches to the hose. Eurospares has these for sale at $27 for the US/CDN version, but for the rest of us... $409 !! :(. Anyone know what's so different about the fuel system used in the US?
Without taking the liner out I can't be certain, but looking through the battery access hole it looks like the picture of yours (more attached of course). If it were me, I'd gamble the $27+shipping.
Yea. :cheers:
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