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Fuel Smell

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Loving my GS! But there's something bugging me.

I sometimes get a very strong smell of fuel in the cabin and boot (trunk). This seems to happen mostly when I have a full tank. The smell can be quite strong even when I haven't driven the car for a few days.

The fuel cap is tight and theres no visible signs of a leak. Someone mentioned that it could be the charcoal filter needing replacement - but I figure that might me responsible for fumes when the car is running, not when the car is off.

Any thoughts?
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I wanted to test my own theory that it only happens when the tank is full. So I'm going to do a few half fills over the next few weeks and see if the smell goes away. Then it's probably off to the mechanics for a deeper look.

I get this only when I fill up to full and some of the gas spills outside of the filling area. It normally drains out of the small hole below the cap(in the gas cap area) through a tube to the outside underneath the car. Unfortunately some of gas lines up this tube and eventually evaporates.
When I wash the car some of the water falls into the hole and washes the gas remnants away.
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