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Fuel Smell

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Loving my GS! But there's something bugging me.

I sometimes get a very strong smell of fuel in the cabin and boot (trunk). This seems to happen mostly when I have a full tank. The smell can be quite strong even when I haven't driven the car for a few days.

The fuel cap is tight and theres no visible signs of a leak. Someone mentioned that it could be the charcoal filter needing replacement - but I figure that might me responsible for fumes when the car is running, not when the car is off.

Any thoughts?
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Maj- the fuel tank is actually INSIDE the passenger cabin in these cars, in the area between the rear seats and the trunk. Therefore, any leak in that part of the fuel system will be smelled in both the cabin and trunk.

It could be as simple as a leaky line -- or a more complicated repair like a leaking fuel cell. The fact that it seems to only occur with a full tank points to a few specific areas, but nothing you can diagnose more fully until the interior bits on either side of it are fully removed.
That explains a lot, Tubber- I was curious why your bill listed charges for removing the transmission, but it makes sens with your car being a spyder.
I have an 03 Maserati Coupe. Looking to see if anyone has a write up for DIY Fuel Filter replacement. Don't know if it is hard or something a dealership should do, but figured I would ask on here first. Thanks!!


The DIY instructions are in this thread. Post #4:
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