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FWIW, I have a Fuchs Exhaust on my Ferrari 360. I never liked the stock Ferrari exhaust (Sounds like a whiny vacuum cleaner) nor the 360 Tubi Exhaust ( Sounds like a LOUD whiny vacuum cleaner).

The Fuchs has a very Indy Car-like sound and does sound Jet-Like. On the 360, The Fuchs setup does have an overall decibel level slightly over the Tubi setup. But it's hard to compare because the Fuchs is loud in a mid-range sort of way (but it still keeps the high range without overemphasizing them) while the Tubi is loud in the high range (and IMO is shrill).

Going by the 360 example, if you like the stock exhaust and want to keep a smilar character but louder, go Tubi.

If you want to make the sound emphasize more of the middle of the sound range (while still having the engine sing arias near redline), go Fuchs. --- John
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