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*mods, sorry I could not figure out how to edit or delete my old sale thread for the same vehicle. if I'm not allowed duplicates, please delete the other one. thank you!*

*Must sell quickly, priced to sell!!*

First let me start by saying why I am selling this car. I first bought this car about 11 months ago while I had everything steady and under control in my life. Long story short, a recently closed business and my other one running into problems is causing me to have to sell this car. I no longer can comfortably keep up with payments, insurance, maintenance, and the worry of repairs should anything ever break down. The other reason is I need a better family car since I have some younger family members moving in with us in the near future. I don't want to sell this car, but unfortunately it's the responsible decision I have decided upon.

The car is originally black and currently wrapped in 3M Gloss Hot Rod Red. I can have it unwrapped, however I prefer to sell it as is. We would need to discuss some form of deposit and agreement if I am going to unwrap the vehicle. There were no paint issues prior to the wrap and I have a few pictures pre-wrap that I can show.

-2010 Maserati Granturismo S
-44,000 miles (a little under, rounding up because it's still my daily until I sell it)
-I only drive it to work once a week, and I drive it to the gym 4 times a week. Aside from little things like gas, food, occasional cruise that's it. Never gone over 90mph (I'm too scared for tickets/accidents).
-Original factory black paint, currently wrapped in 3M Gloss Hot Rod Red
-Clean history
-Always hand washed
-Garage kept
-Ceramic coating over the wrap (it noticeably helps, but not as much as coating paint)

The Problems:
-Missing TPMS sensor (previous owner replaced tires and did not buy new sensors, I never bothered)
-Slight squeak in brakes. Regarding the brakes, I had a PPI done before I bought the car and the dealer said the brakes, and everything that relates to it looks perfect. Owner claims he had them recently replaced before he sold it to me. The place I got a PPI done is the best shop we have in town that regularly services exotic cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. I don't know of an explanation for the squeak in the brakes, but I will say that every time after I wash my car and spray down the inside of the wheels, the brakes temporarily stop squeaking for a few days.

Market Research and Comparison:
NADA Low: $39,500 Lowest listing with similar specs is $36,000 with a few others available between $38,000 - $42,000. I am basing my sale price off a $40,000 average.

This car is in wonderful shape, but keep in mind the age and proper wear & tear that comes along with it. The car drives amazing, no problems when driving, barely any scratches only what you would expect from wear and tear over time. From what I can tell, there is only 1 slight dent, but it's so slight I can't even get it to show properly with pictures.

Asking Price:

I decided on $35,000 because that would keep it at the lowest price US-wide (through my research) in comparison to the current market of similar spec Maserati GTS's. I also need this quickly sold, so it is priced to sell. I am willing to subtract the cost of airfare or gas into the sale price if you make the trip to come purchase this vehicle. I won't even respond to low balls, but I can wiggle just a slight bit. If you counter and wiggle the price, in return I would expect a fast and smooth sale with less talk and more actions (no delays, no requesting 100 photos, no checking every centimeter of the car, etc.). I have a local dealer offering over 30k, so seriously please no low balls it's a waste of both of our times.

Attached are pictures of the vehicle taken as of 12/23/18 and I can take more pictures upon request. I apologize on the picture quality of some of them, I was forced to resize.

Car is located in Springfield, MO and I still owe on it. We will need to do the transaction and title transfer at my bank.

PM me for contact information. I work from home with a lot of background noise, so e-mail/text is preferred, but I can take phone calls if scheduled.

Thank you for reading and considering my sale. Happy holidays!


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