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2006 Maserati GranSport
Purchased 2008
Mileage 57,488

1. Formula Dynamics Air Filter
2. New Plugs
3. Aftermarket rear Tubi exhaust boxes
4. Larini DeCats
5. Standard GranSport X-pipe
6. No Center resonator
7. Formula Dynamics Drive by Wire Enhancement.
8. Formula Dynamics ECU Tune
9. Formula Dynamics Sport Lowering Springs.
10. Formula Dynamics Sway Bars (Not installed).
11. Heater Core disconnected.
12. New hood struts
13. Carbon Fiber paddles (Almost done)
14. Carbon Fiber seat backs (Thank you Lambertius)
15. 2 new rear Pirelli P Zero Tires

Testing Conditions:
102 degrees
North Texas Summer Time/Rush hour traffic.

Rear Tubi exhaust boxes:
When these were installed around 2010, honestly, the only difference that I could tell at the time was the sound…the snap, crackle, POP factor was definitely there…loved the sound and so did a lot of other people. Performance wise, I couldn’t tell a darn difference, to be honest with you…maybe on the top end and if I had dyno’d the car there might be some marginal gains….but I surely didn’t notice anything.

Larini DeCats:
I installed these a few years after the rear Tubi exhaust boxes. Wow - yes, I could tell the difference in the way the car responded and rev’d…from 2500 up to 7000 RPMs - pulled like a scolded dog. Sound - OH THE SOUND…you want loud and even more rice crispy treats….a decat is the way to go. Honestly - the additional pull and the sounds, those magnificent sounds are worth every penny…whether you’re racing through the gears or down shifting…my GOSH - she sounds fantastic. Yes, from a breathability perspective…you can definitely tell the car revs much more freely and faster…that’s the truth.

Sport Springs:
Huge difference in handling…I could definitely take corners faster and with confidence, unlike before….and she’s be even better when I get the sway bars installed and I get new rear tie rods. I lowered the car almost a full 2 inches…and I love the stance…absolutely love the stance. Overall comfort…I was feeling every bump there was on the road…but I wanted an aggressive stance…if so want comfort I drive my 1997 Bentley Turbo R. All in all, very happy with the Sport Springs and overall cornerability…I was definitely able to take the corners like she was on rails.

Formula Dynamics Drive by wire:
Ok - my initial complaint before the installation was the fact that I just couldn’t hit the gas and take off…like you can in other cars….well, from a standing start, the car is a lot better than before…but I still can’t just mash the gas like in other cars…I still have to wait for the clutch to grab…and that part is definitely faster…by far…I feel like Formula Dynamics did the best they could and they did a fantastic job….once you’re going…the up and downshifts are absolutely off the charts amazing. Like everyone else says…it’s a must and for the millionth time I absolute agree and think this is a fantastic, must have purchase, in fact, I should have made this one of my very first purchases - the transmission slams and grabs every gear without hesitation…with bullet speed. Do it, buy it and you won’t regret it.

Formula Dynamics ECU Tune:
OMG….yes, most people say that it’s all in your imagination and that we all have our “butt” dyno’s and maybe in some cases I would agree, not here. With this tune you can definitely feel the torque being delivered in a much earlier manner…especially as the tachometer moves past 2500 RPMs….the power just builds…3,000 RPMs…the engine is really building…3,500 RPMs and the power is very evident…and of course you have the Drive By wire assisting in making it that much more peppier. 4,000 RPMs all the way to redline the car is really pulling hard. I can honestly tell a difference…and not because I’m wanting it to. At 102 degrees out, my car felt like it was 35 degrees out…everything was instant, no hesitation…no dead or flat spots..just power. Like a lot of people said before..this engine really isn’t short on power…I can honestly say that first gear is pretty useless…even with new tires..I was easily breaking them loose and even transitioning into second gear the traction light was coming on. Cruising in 6th gear at 80 or 90 MPH and just a slight tap of the gas and your off…it really doesn’t take much…even at 70 amd you squeeze the gas a bit…the power is there, it comes on sooner and it’s smoother… just a spectacular tune. I’ve never had a tune, however, I can say that as observant as I am with feeling the RPMs and being pushed back in my seat..there is definitely a difference in power. Super happy with this upgrade.

Formula Dynamics Service:
Hands down, first class, very professional…every time I call I get the impression that they actually care and they do. FD - if you are ready this thank you.

I still have the sway bars to install and I am getting the big brake kit as well..but I thinking I’ve spent enough money.

I am definitely happy and if you plan on keeping this car indefinitely - please pull the trigger and purchase these Formula Dynamic modifications…..yes, it’s not inexpensive…but it’s well worth it…and as everyone has said, this is how the car should have come from the factory.

Attached is my receipt for service (I just wanted to show what the dealership charged) and a couple of pictures yous guys have already seen of the car being lowered.

Hope everyone is well and this little write-up helps you make some decisions if you are in the fence…not that anyone should listen to me. I had previously driven the car STOCK for the longest time so I was VERY familiar and used to the cars power, rev characteristics and clutch engagement and, HUGE improvement all around.
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I would say that the Masers' susp cpts are fragile and a substantial mtce cost at 'way too short an interval... Heads-up re whether wheel spacers would exacerbate bushing- or ball jt wear, or would aggregate wheel bearings...??
Loads of people running spacers. No perceptual increase in reports of suspension component maintenance. These are heavy cars, and they do, no doubt, eat their bushes. I just don't see spacers making that appreciably worse


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New wheels or no spacers is how I feel about it. Especially adding unsprung weight to the driven wheels. The oem wheels are notoriously heavy too. I wonder how a 9.5” width wheel with slightly more tire would affect traction rather than the oem 10.5”. Certainly could drop 10+lb per wheel if forged
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