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Hi Jeff,

Figured it may be helpful to have a thread where you can give us a heads up as to where development on the manettino is going and which can perhaps be of help to gather early feedback and interest.

Some of the things I wanted to ask are:

1. Will this suspension management system be with pre-set settings (such as Ferrari's 5 settings) or would it be more analogue (like the volume of a stereo)? If the former, which settings do you plan (eg. super soft, soft, normal, hard, race)?

2. Would the install be an add-on to the DBW/ECM set up?

3. What would the interface be like and where do you suggest putting it?


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I certainly appreciate the enthusiasm for our new products. We hope that this advancement will help turn your Maserati into a very competent performance car with features to rival the best in the world. In this case Ferrari does have an option called Manettino.

Honestly we are not ready to make any statements yet about this product release, it's still in development and the truth is that these are issues that we are working on.

I can say that we we'd like to get a similar result to the system in the Ferrari F430.

I'll certainly keep you posted as we have more developments.

Best Regards,
-- Jeff
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